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Design by Karl Vollmer
Developed by Ampache Team
Latest release 3.4.4 / December 26th, 2008
Preview release 3.5-Alpha1 / December 31st, 2008
OS [OS Independent]
Type streaming media / file manager
My [A]mpache www.grahamshelton.com/ampache

Ampache is a free software Web-based Audio file manager / web Media Server. The name is a play on the two words Apache and Amplifier. It was originally written to take advantage of Apache’s Mod_mp3 but has since been adapted to use its own streaming method. Ampache’s Mascot is a squirrel called Fraz. It was originally drawn by Kirsten Petersen and later digitized by Ben Shields. In 2008 Fraz was redesigned by Agn├Ęs Champavier.

Select this link to launch jack.son Design’s implementation of [A]mpache in a new window.
User name: demo; Password: demo.